Pu Feng

About Pu Feng

Pu Feng Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in the end of 2019, we are a chemical distributor of high technology products and we work closely with local customers....

Core Value

We response fast, act fast. Because we know the market and we are familiar with it...

Our purpose

We partner with our suppliers and customers to offer a practical portfolio, which are both safe for people...


Well delivered the spirits from our Supplie / Care our team, our society, and the Ear..

We Present Future

We supply innovative ingredients to your formulation, such as Sustainable /Green Chemistry / Upcycle / Clean Beauty / Biobased /Silicone Alternatives / Green Polymers...


Pu Feng Biotech

We response fast, take action fast.
Because we know the market and we are amiliar with it.
Everyone in this world will green, soon or later. We decide to do it from our very beginning.
In this information explosion era, we value every contact with suppliers and customers.
Furthermore, we always take proactive approach to generate oppurtunities.

We Present Future