Pu Feng


Evident Ingredients is the synthesis of many years of experience from different corners of the Health Care industries and mostly centered around our special passion for Personal Care. Our team and our company stand for naturalness, speed, agility and beauty. Just like our mascot and logo the hummingbird.


Our strength is our knowledge!

We support our customers in all stages of R&D in their projects, with extraordinary service and flexible supply of raw materials. Easy, flexible and fast – just as you need it Our values are based on our sincere desire to help to our customers. We are here to stay – with you. We will not give you boring chemistry lectures to show off our know-how. We rather translate our knowledge into practical ideas that you can convert into solutions for your formulation problems. Don’t expect marketing and sales gibberish from us, just tell us what you need and we will deliver it. That's Evident.

Pu Feng Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in the end of 2019, we are a chemical distributor of high technology products and we work closely with local customers...