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We've spent the last decade developing ways to make the world's most widely used ingredients a better way, using renewable feedstocks and more sustainable approaches.


Genomatica is the leader in bioengineering, rated #1 by ICIS

We develop commercial biobased processes to make widely-used chemicals that enable better, more sustainable everyday products. That enables our partners and leading brands to offer better food packaging, auto parts, clothing, tires, carpets, cosmetic ingredients, cleaning products and more.

Brontide contains no heavy metals at detectable levelsand has been shown in clinical studies to be non irritating at levels of up to 40% in formulation. Brontide is a natural butylene glycol. Made from renewable , non-GMO plant sugars, it reduces global warming potential by over 50% compared petroleum-based butylene glycol. It integrates into current formulatioins without sacrificing quality or needing reformulation.


Naturally sourced Brontide butylene glycol is a high-performance ingredient used in a variety of personal care and cosmetic applications. It can also be used as a solvent and stabilizer for extracts and actives. Brontide is made in Europe from an innovative fermentation process which converts non-GMO plant sugars into an ultra high purity butylene glycol, eliminating the need to use crude oil as a feedstock.


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Pu Feng Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in the end of 2019, we are a chemical distributor of high technology products and we work closely with local customers...