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P2 Science Co-Founder and "Father of Green Chemistry", Paul Anastas, wins Volvo Environment Prize

Adopting"benign by design" techniques, Paul Anastas is the global pioneer of green chemistry; a systems approach to sustainability that tackles pollution problems at their source. His research is revolutionising the chemical industry, from fundamental reaction methods to applications as diverse as processing foods and producing green hydrogen.



Climate change and biodiversity loss may be the poster children of the sustainability challenge, but accelerating chemical pollution is the sleeping giant. Professor Paul Anastas is the global pioneer of ‘green chemistry’, a systems approach to sustainability that aims to solve problems at their source by adopting “benign by design” techniques. In his own lab, Professor Anastas and his students have developed generic molecular designs for reduced toxicity; created new, environmentally benign catalysts for green chemistry applications; and built a $US 5 million Molecular Design Research Network with other universities. From flavours to fragrances and fuels, Professor Anastas has pioneered the use of Earth-abundant catalysts such as copper rather than rare-Earth metals for breaking down lignin, vastly reducing both air and water pollution from the processes and bringing costs down. The ultimate global waste chemical is carbon dioxide, driving the destabilisation of the climate system and ocean acidification. Professor Anastas has contributed to this enormous challenge, developing new methods of chemical synthesis using carbon dioxide as a feedstock for making natural products. He has also pioneered the use of cobalt as a catalyst for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, crucial for a decarbonised economy. Turning science into practice, Professor Anastas has contributed to US policy development at the highest levels, serving in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and co-chairing the National Science and Technology Council. The green chemistry seed that Paul Anastas has sown has grown internationally, with green chemistry research networks now operating in over 30 countries. Pollution from our globalised economy lies at the heart of the sustainability challenge. No one has done more to tackle this formidable challenge at its source than Professor Paul Anastas, the 2021 Volvo Environment Prize laureate.


Please find more information here Paul Anastas - Volvo Environment Prize (environment-prize.com)




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