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GENOMATICA Earns Back-to-Back Recognition as a High Impact Sustainability Leader

SAN DIEGO, California - September 30, 2021 - Today, sustainability leader Genomatica celebrated major recognitions for a series of prestigious awards honoring sustainability innovations in chemistry and biotechnology. The company was recognized by industry leading publications Chemical Week and ICIS for placing sustainability at the heart of its business and driving more environmentally conscious progress in a nearly $4 trillion USD chemicals industry. The recognition, which Genomatica has earned in back-to-back years, comes on the heels of multiple deals with major brands and partners seeking to incorporate Genomatica’s technology to improve the sustainability profile of their products. Chemical Week and ICIS are core industry publications, boasting a combined nearly 250 years of providing trusted news and analysis. Today, the company celebrates that its technology was recognized by Chemical Week’s Sustainability Award as a Best Sustainable Product by an Emerging Company and by ICIS’ Innovation Awards as a Process with the Best Benefit to the Environment and Sustainability. This year’s recognitions follow additional merits from the publications in 2020, when Genomatica was recognized for a Best Sustainable Initiative and Best Sustainable Process, respectively. The awards highlight a milestone year for Genomatica, with the company announcing a landmark partnership with lululemon to bring its renewably-sourced plant-based nylon into lululemon’s products as well as a licensing deal with Cargill and HELM to scale bio-BDO production to a combined global production capacity of 100,000 tons annually. Fueled by a $118M Series C funding round led by leading life science investor Novo Holdings, the company is driving toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 100 million tons per year. Please find full article hereGenomatica repeatedly recognized for sustainability - Genomatica

Better performance for your make up remover - Taiyo Kagaku

Having over 70 years insight and profound knowledge about surface-activity technologies and the manufacturing know-how of Poly Glycerol Fatty acid Esters (PGFEs), Taiyo is vigorously pushing the boundaries of our PGFEs to cosmetic and personal care fields as well.Taiyo’s PGFEs, SUNSOFT has very unique and exclusive structural properties mainly featured by low content of cyclic polyglycerols enabling enhanced hydrophilicity. Thus, it can offer a wide range of applications covering emulsification, solubilization, detergency and foaming. SUNSOFT Q-Y series Highly hydrophilic polyglycerol esters of fatty acid with Taiyo’s proprietary method.Please contact Pu Feng for innovative formulations including Oil Cleansing, Micellar Cleansing Water and Cleansing Balm.

Mild with high foaming ability surfactant - SUNSOFT M-12J

Patented polyglyceryl surfactant from Taiyo Kagaku, protein denaturation and cytotoxicity test proofs that it is milder than amino acid surfactant while foam performance is also better than amino acid type surfactant. SUNSOFT M-12J is classified as food grade in Japan, it is safe to be used in food cleaner, dish wash or baby care products. Cytotoxicity test from Taiyo:

Lululemon Invests in Sustainable Materials Company Genomatica

The fitness apparel giant announced Wednesday it will be using the company's bio-based materials for future products. Genomatica makes plant-based nylon, which Lululuemon said will replace some conventional nylon it uses for its workout apparel. see full article herelululemon Partners with Genomatica on plant-based nylonLululemon 3-Page Summarylululemon_ImpactAgenda_October 2020_Summary.pdfGENOMATICA's TechnologyGenomatica technology for cost-effective bioprocessesGENOMATICA's Brontide WebsiteBrontide® Natural Butylene Glycol | Sustainable Cosmetic Ingredient (brontidebg.com)

SUNSOFT Q-12Y-C, New Approach for PEG-Free Formulation

Sunsoft Q-12Y-C from Taiyo Kagaku is a widely used in makeup remover lotion formulations to provide a gentle and effective makeup remover, Super solubilization and stability, low surface tension, which makes it easy to remove foundations, eyeliners, mascaras, and more.It is an alternative for PEG-Free formulation.

Brontide Can Increase The Value of a Fragrance

Genomatica engaged MOCA fragrances (experienced perfumers) to conduct a study of 105 common fragrance ingredients and 4 diluents to test compatibility and conduct organoleptic blotter evaluations. Each ingredient and diluent were evaluated at multiple dilutions, testing for solubility and comparable odor performance during wet and dry-down periods. This generated more than 1200 data points to derive conclusions.Brontide provides a clearer and more uninhibited reveal of fragrance notes in more polar ingredients.Brontide natural butylene glycol is a new, sustainable and natural diluent that provides a clearer and more uninhibited reveal of fragrance notes with polar ingredients.In a comparison of currently used diluent systems, Brontide natural butylene glycol showed an improvement of fragrance note strength in polar ingredients, maintaining the true to character perception of the added ingredient.Please find full information here:Fragrance Performance | Naturally Sourced Butylene Glycol | Brontide® (brontidebg.com)

Natural & Sustainable Beauty Powered by Upcycled Ingredients

Browse our Brand Spotlights to discover the need-to-know indie brands on a mission to create natural, high performance beauty & personal care products without costing the earth. In addition to featuring upcycled ingredients within their formulations, their commitments to sustainability go much further than ingredient sourcing... Please find full information here:Upcycled Beauty Brands | Full Circle Brand Spotlights

New Fragrance Technology - Salscent

SalScent is a fragrance technology that increases fragrance value by boosting longevity, releasing on demand and easing formulation. This technology is clear and can be used in water based or hydro- alcoholic systems for both clear and opaque products.SalScent™ allows you to encapsulate the fragrance at your facility in a cost effective way. It is the ideal solution for companies that use a large variety of fragrances in different volumes. It enables the preparation of fresh batches just before production, at the required volume. see SalScent Maximum Loading Level Demo 

New Product Launch - Salsphere® Natural Anti-Aging

Delivery system of natural polyphenol complex with high antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory activity. Polyphenols work on multiple biochemical pathways, such as DNA protection, protein synthesis, membrane integrity, etc. to reduce overall signs of aging, inflammation, wrinkle treatment, brightening, moisturizing, and overall skin rejuvenation. More information from SALVONA:Salsphere® Natural Anti-Aging, Product Overview - YouTube

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